Thursday, 29 January 2015

Chapters 31-38

Tam Lin knows that finding the convent of Santa Clara is were Matt's future lies because for one thing he knew what was going to happen at El Patrons funeral. He might also have known that Maria's mother was there and that she would help him. There could also be a lot of other things that I'm not thinking of.Esperanza helped Matt become free by making the plan for Matt to become ruler of Opium. Also she and Tam Lin both pointed out that Matt is, and always was human.

After Ton-Ton was beaten with a cane Matt realized a couple of things, one thing I think he realized is that you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover. Ton-Ton seemed like a wimp to Matt, but Ton-Ton took the beating so no one else would get beaten, also because he didn't want to get into more trouble. El Patron caused a lot of suffering. He turned people into eejit's, which turned kids into orphans. He could make people he didn't like suffer just by giving an order. To extent the suffering that he caused, he poisoned everyone unfortunate enough to be part of his "dragon hoard" when he died.

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Chapters 16-20/Chapters 21-25

Matt has thought that Tom is evil for a while. Now he knows for sure that Tom is evil. Now that Matt knows Tom and Felicia are an evil duo, he has figured out that Tom is definitely dangerous. I've always thought Tom was evil, but Felicia?That was a big surprise."If you don't know Tom well, you'd think he is an angel bringing you the keys to the pearly gates." That statement is very true. I still don't understand why Maria falls for his act of innocence every time. From Matt's perspective and anyone else who really knows him, Tom is the devil. I'm happy they sent Tom to a year round school. I hope the rest of the family realizes Tom is evil soon.

Tom misleads Maris in many ways. He got her to think he is a good guy.He also almost got her to dislike Matt. He made he almost dislike Matt by showing the two of them the crazy clone. Tom was only a small part of this one but, everyone was saying that Matt killed Furball.

When they see the crazy clone, Matt and Maria are scarred. This is a turning point in their relationship because Maria is scarred, and worried that Matt might turn out like that. Once Maria realizes Matt isn't going to go crazy they become a little closer as friends. Celia thought Matt should hear the truth after he saw the clone because she thought they had kept it from him long enough and he needed to know. She thought after seeing an other clone that he should know why he isn't crazy like most other clones. He also needed to know if he was going to end up like that.

There are a couple reasons why Celia had the courage to stand up to El Patron. One is that she loves Matt to much to let him die that easily. I think that is the biggest reason she stood up to El Patron. She was willing to face El Patrons rath and be turned into an eejit for Matt. It's a good thing Tam Lin saved her though.

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Chapters 10-15

Matt imitates  El Patron's power by knowing he could ask for anything. He knew people wouldn't like it but he still asked for a birthday kiss. Matt also knew it would humiliated Maria, but because he had the power he demanded a kiss.El Patron encourages Matt's behavior by calling Matt "my little fighting cock" and calling Maria his novia. Maria is so humiliated because everyone thinks he is disgusting and kissing is is gross. Even though Maria has kissed Matt before it is embaresing in public.

Matt feels the crowds disapproval of the kiss because of their reaction. Gasps ricocheted around the crowd. Senator Mendoza turned ashen and put his hands protectively on Maria's sholders. "Don't do this" said Tam Lin. After this people really don't like him.

If getting transplants is against El Viejo's religion then he should stand to that. Mr. Alcran was considered rude by El Patron because no one is allowed to stand up to El Patron. El Patron might not be the same religion as El Viejo and thought it was rude to turn down the offer. It is demonstrated that Celia is religious in many ways. For one she has a statue of the virgin. Celia goes to a kind of church thing on sundays. When El Viejo died Celia prayed and made a cross over her heart. There are a couple other things to.

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Chapters 6-10

Matt's entire life is prison because he isn't allowed to know anything about his life, everyone seems to hate Matt for being a clone. At first Matt didn't even know what a clone was. I think the warden of Matt's prison is El Patron. Celia helped Matt escape prison by trying to find a way to break him out. When El Patron came Celia told him about Matt's living conditions and El Patron got Matt out. Maria helped by helping Celia with a plan to get Matt out. If Tam Lin or the other body guard hadn't stayed, who knows what Rosa would have done to Matt.
El Patron stole the lives of his workers by ether turning them into ejjits or making them like his slaves. I think the only reason they don't go against him is that El Patron would hurt them if they did. One of El Patron's partners in crime is William.  I think El Patrons supporters support him for their lives. El Patron is a powerful man and people are scarred of him. El Patrons body guards didn't want to be his body guards. El Patron got them from another country. He said always get your guards from another country so they can't get allies and gang up on you.
I think that what Tam Lin is trying to say is that when you are young you have a choice to be good or bad when you grow up. He is trying to say that El Patron decided he was going to be evil when he was very young. I think evil is more genetics. Shur, being locked up could turn you evil, but Matt is six years old. Matt is El Patron so evil is in his blood.

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Chapters 1-5 the house of the Scorpion

Matt was eager to play with the children because when he was playing with his stuffed animals he realized that they weren't real. Matt wanted to play with real people.He had seen kids on TV and how they were always doing things together, and Matt wanted in on that. I think Maria was attracted to Matt the most because they were the same age. Also because he agreed with her about the bullfrog poster. Matt's relationship with Celia is that they love each other and Matt grew up with her almost being his mom. I think Celia was chosen to care for Matt because she wasn't grossed out by clones and could also keep him a secret.Matt was also special and was wanted to grow up like a normal boy.

I think that Celia didn't explain the word loaned because Matt isn't supposed to know about his life and if he knew what loaned meant he might ask questions.The protection of keeping Matt in the cottage was working, but I would of eventually let him out into the world and even later tell him about his identity. Celia keeps protecting Matt by trying to  break him out of his mini jail. As a plus she is also putting peppers in Tom's hot chocolate.