Thursday, 11 December 2014

Chapters 6-10

Matt's entire life is prison because he isn't allowed to know anything about his life, everyone seems to hate Matt for being a clone. At first Matt didn't even know what a clone was. I think the warden of Matt's prison is El Patron. Celia helped Matt escape prison by trying to find a way to break him out. When El Patron came Celia told him about Matt's living conditions and El Patron got Matt out. Maria helped by helping Celia with a plan to get Matt out. If Tam Lin or the other body guard hadn't stayed, who knows what Rosa would have done to Matt.
El Patron stole the lives of his workers by ether turning them into ejjits or making them like his slaves. I think the only reason they don't go against him is that El Patron would hurt them if they did. One of El Patron's partners in crime is William.  I think El Patrons supporters support him for their lives. El Patron is a powerful man and people are scarred of him. El Patrons body guards didn't want to be his body guards. El Patron got them from another country. He said always get your guards from another country so they can't get allies and gang up on you.
I think that what Tam Lin is trying to say is that when you are young you have a choice to be good or bad when you grow up. He is trying to say that El Patron decided he was going to be evil when he was very young. I think evil is more genetics. Shur, being locked up could turn you evil, but Matt is six years old. Matt is El Patron so evil is in his blood.

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