Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Chapters 10-15

Matt imitates  El Patron's power by knowing he could ask for anything. He knew people wouldn't like it but he still asked for a birthday kiss. Matt also knew it would humiliated Maria, but because he had the power he demanded a kiss.El Patron encourages Matt's behavior by calling Matt "my little fighting cock" and calling Maria his novia. Maria is so humiliated because everyone thinks he is disgusting and kissing is is gross. Even though Maria has kissed Matt before it is embaresing in public.

Matt feels the crowds disapproval of the kiss because of their reaction. Gasps ricocheted around the crowd. Senator Mendoza turned ashen and put his hands protectively on Maria's sholders. "Don't do this" said Tam Lin. After this people really don't like him.

If getting transplants is against El Viejo's religion then he should stand to that. Mr. Alcran was considered rude by El Patron because no one is allowed to stand up to El Patron. El Patron might not be the same religion as El Viejo and thought it was rude to turn down the offer. It is demonstrated that Celia is religious in many ways. For one she has a statue of the virgin. Celia goes to a kind of church thing on sundays. When El Viejo died Celia prayed and made a cross over her heart. There are a couple other things to.

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