Thursday, 4 December 2014

Chapters 1-5 the house of the Scorpion

Matt was eager to play with the children because when he was playing with his stuffed animals he realized that they weren't real. Matt wanted to play with real people.He had seen kids on TV and how they were always doing things together, and Matt wanted in on that. I think Maria was attracted to Matt the most because they were the same age. Also because he agreed with her about the bullfrog poster. Matt's relationship with Celia is that they love each other and Matt grew up with her almost being his mom. I think Celia was chosen to care for Matt because she wasn't grossed out by clones and could also keep him a secret.Matt was also special and was wanted to grow up like a normal boy.

I think that Celia didn't explain the word loaned because Matt isn't supposed to know about his life and if he knew what loaned meant he might ask questions.The protection of keeping Matt in the cottage was working, but I would of eventually let him out into the world and even later tell him about his identity. Celia keeps protecting Matt by trying to  break him out of his mini jail. As a plus she is also putting peppers in Tom's hot chocolate.

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