Thursday, 8 January 2015

Chapters 16-20/Chapters 21-25

Matt has thought that Tom is evil for a while. Now he knows for sure that Tom is evil. Now that Matt knows Tom and Felicia are an evil duo, he has figured out that Tom is definitely dangerous. I've always thought Tom was evil, but Felicia?That was a big surprise."If you don't know Tom well, you'd think he is an angel bringing you the keys to the pearly gates." That statement is very true. I still don't understand why Maria falls for his act of innocence every time. From Matt's perspective and anyone else who really knows him, Tom is the devil. I'm happy they sent Tom to a year round school. I hope the rest of the family realizes Tom is evil soon.

Tom misleads Maris in many ways. He got her to think he is a good guy.He also almost got her to dislike Matt. He made he almost dislike Matt by showing the two of them the crazy clone. Tom was only a small part of this one but, everyone was saying that Matt killed Furball.

When they see the crazy clone, Matt and Maria are scarred. This is a turning point in their relationship because Maria is scarred, and worried that Matt might turn out like that. Once Maria realizes Matt isn't going to go crazy they become a little closer as friends. Celia thought Matt should hear the truth after he saw the clone because she thought they had kept it from him long enough and he needed to know. She thought after seeing an other clone that he should know why he isn't crazy like most other clones. He also needed to know if he was going to end up like that.

There are a couple reasons why Celia had the courage to stand up to El Patron. One is that she loves Matt to much to let him die that easily. I think that is the biggest reason she stood up to El Patron. She was willing to face El Patrons rath and be turned into an eejit for Matt. It's a good thing Tam Lin saved her though.

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